How to keep your dresser tidy

Too in love with the world of makeup and beauty often make you buy a lot of makeup products latest output which is not necessarily used all. Most only tried first time only, then forgotten just like that. As a result, your dresser gets messy. Therefore, you should see a row of ideas tidying up our dressing table below. In the meantime, you may go to to find make-up mirrors like the ones from the Hollywood.

Keep the Nail Paint inside the jarNail polish includes products that you can not possibly have just one or two. Can be up to tens! Do not let the little bottles scatter around. Our advice, take a large jar from the kitchen and make as a place to keep this nail polish. Choose glass or transparent jars for easy viewing and also look beautiful to be arranged in the room.

Buy Lipstick Place from Acrylic Material

For lipstick products, you should place it in place of makeup made from acrylic this alone. Just put one by one lipstick in it and place it on the glass. So neat is not it?

Hang Curling Iron on Hook Paste

Confused with the curling iron and messy hair clutter room? Try the following ideas. Use a hook paste that is sold in the market to hang the curling iron. Choose which can be pasted just so you do not have to bother to nail. Paste this hook on the side of the dressing table and hanging curling iron premises with a neatly tied cable position.