It’s Activities That Will Probably Continue If There Is No Internet

The Internet is one of the parts of the life of the young generation today. Because the Internet can take you to various places and even activities that you can not meet in the real world. Then internet connection is the thing you should have. visit to get a good and stable internet connection.

Currently, you may be able to connect to the internet anywhere and anytime, but a few years ago, this activity you do when the internet can not you access.

1. Buy a cassette to listen to a cassette from a favorite singer
You will buy their tapes and play them on tape or walkman radio while listening to the song by your favorite singer. or you also often listen to the radio to listen to the song you are looking for.

2. Finding information manually in the book
Before Google, you will find references or various information from books or newspapers that you buy. You will look for it manually and open the pages of books and newspapers.