The failure in the making of a building foundation

Being a professional construction engineer means having to perform a careful calculation of all technical and non-technical aspects related to the construction under construction. This accuracy is based on the awareness and responsibility that few mistakes are made so that the impact will be great on the construction being worked on, further causing human fatalities. Several cases of structural failure that ever happened should be we look for the same thing does not happen again. What needs to be a note is the data I present below is a result of personal observation so it is still very likely to contain errors. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the trusted fix slab foundation service near you as well.

Many things can be learned from failure, including the failure of the building structure. Knowing the causes can be expected to know how to avoid them. In terms of building construction is unique, because it is the product of a series of activities from various disciplines of expertise, perhaps from various companies, which are contractually separated. Also, its responsibility is not centered on one side. This may make it complicated to determine who is actually responsible, in case of structural failure or building construction. But if a failure occurs, the first victim is the owner of the project.

good building construction must meet 3 criteria:
strong, rigid, and stable.

Therefore, a building is said to be defective or a construction failure, if the structural elements do not meet any or all of the above criteria.

The causes of structural failure can be categorized into two types: human and natural causes. Due to human activities, can be intentional or not. For example, incorrect planning, execution, or use. Nature’s actions, among others, due to strong winds that exceed existing regulations, or large earthquakes, and fires.

That’s it the info about the foundation failure that we can share with you this time. We hope it helps you to increase your knowledge about the construction fields and techniques.