Excellent makeup tips for your face and eyebrows

A powder is the basic cosmetics that most women have. How to wear the correct makeup also depends on how you apply face powder. Always use a special face powder sponge to flatten the powder. Avoid using fingers or hands when applying powder, because the powder will not be evenly distributed. Meanwhile, you may want to buy the Hollywood Mirror if you wish to have a professional makeup mirror.

Use a thin powder so you do not look too white. In addition to applying the powder to all parts of the face, apply the powder on the neck so that your skin tone more visible evenly.

Image Eyebrow from Outside to

We have to admit that most women tend to have a habit of drawing eyebrows from the inside out. In fact, how to draw the right eyebrows is to start from the outside and then into the. Because the eyebrows require a firm definition at the edges, so it would be better if you draw eyebrows from the inside out.

Choose an eyebrow shape that matches your face. Good eyebrows should not be too thick, because the eyebrows are too thick will look similar to caterpillars or seaweed. In the market, there are eyebrow pencil products with a variety of color choices. If you want to use an eyebrow pencil to appear casual every day, you should choose a dark brown eyebrow pencil which will look more natural.